Tuesday, April 30, 2013

30days30words--word 30: a poem is born!


secret wishes,
     fiery code…
happy wrapping
hides the empty

something whispers:
      furry coat,
sniffing whiskers.  

subtle whistles,
      buried hope…
Crowd-sourced, collaborative, cumulative poem by
Amy Ludwig VanDerwater
Andromeda Jazmon Sibley
April Halprin Wayland
Bridget Magee
Buffy Silverman
Daisy Grant
Diane Mayr
Doraine Bennett
Gail Aldous
Irene Latham
Janet Fagal
Janet Wong
Joy Acey
Julie Larios
Kate Coombs
Laura Purdie Salas
Laura Shovan
Linda Baie
Liz Steinglass
Margaret Simon
Mary Lee Hahn
Matt Forrest Esenwine
Michelle Heidenrich Barnes
Penny Klostermann
Petrina Hollingsworth
Renee LaTulippe
Robyn Hood Black
Serena at Savvy Wit and Verse
Tabatha Yeatts
Tara at a Teaching Life
Whoo-hoo!  Ladies and gentleman, I thank you for a most satisfactory experiment!  Even I'm surprised when I see how many of you helped this baby be born (and forgive me if I have left anyone out).  My time is scant this morning and I spent most of it incorporating your revision suggestions and exercising my editorial license, and I think that this birthday poem is now as good as it can be without messing with the fundamental collaborative, one-word-a-day premise.
And look--if I felt a little uncomfortable after suggesting that I had already preemptively selected the last word, I got my comeuppance.  My thoughts of a leaping, happy lap are replaced by a finer "finally/found."  (I did consider Irene's wish to have a serious surprise at the end by choosing, as in an unpromising Broadway musical, "Finally Ferret!")
As Buffy says, "Rules, schmules," and the lesson is perhaps "Tell creatives what to do at your peril."  I hope you all enjoyed the process and much as I did, and for all whose own awesome NPM projects I couldn't keep up with because of 30d30w, forgive me.  Next year I'll make my project to participate in yours!


  1. Fun, fun, fun!! Love how it turned out!

    Happy Poetry Month! (plus -- whew!)

  2. Love it! I love the nontraditional form and the richness of the words! Is it OK for me to re-post the final poem on my blog? I am so proud to have been a part of this endeavor. Thanks for being a great leader, teacher, coach.

  3. I didn't participate every day, but I did read it as it grew. Interesting and surprising exercise! Happy last day of NPM!

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed this creation!!! Perfect finish!

  5. Hooray! Makes me want to go to the pet store. :)

  6. "Finally Ferret!" made me laugh. "Found" is a great ending! :-) Thanks for the fun exercise!

  7. Wonderful way to end a month of poetic participation! Thanks for sharing this day-by-day adventure, Heidi.

    Love: "Tell creatives what to do at your peril."

    I also kinda like Irene's ferret.. ;0)

  8. A masterpiece! Thanks for letting us play.

  9. This turned out great! I enjoyed watching it grow even if I couldn't think of many helpful suggestions. Thanks for hosting such a fun project. =)

  10. A messy, collaborative process turned out a masterpiece!

  11. I am really impressed because I wondered how this would work! I always marveled at the clever words others would offer. It was fun to watch it grow and the final poem is such fun. I am curious if your Kinders have seen it or know about it or have a reaction?

    I can't imagine the process for you, choosing a word not knowing what might be next.....something worth a try, I think with kids in school! So thanks for this opportunity to watch, participate and learn.

  12. I didn't stop in as often as I'd planned, but I love the end result!

  13. Hooray! This was a great project, Heidi. I loved your insights as much as the poem in progress.

  14. Wonderful, Heidi. I love how it turned out & looked forward to every single day seeing both what was chosen, then what was suggested. I also loved your narrative during the month. Thank you for the time and effort to do this for all of us! Very, very fun!

  15. Dear Heidi,
    I so much enjoyed this process and the finished poem. Thank you for the fun! Let me know when the next one happens!

  16. This was such a delightful adventure! I love the final product.

  17. It is great. Also I know Duncan he is at wyngate and i am SHANNON!


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