Tuesday, April 2, 2013

30d30w: the second word

birthday secret

Thanks to all who plunged into this experiment with me, and what a fine array of choices!  Since this is supposed to be a mini-event for busy people (and it's my first day back to school after Spring Break), I realize I'll have to skip the explanations about how I'm coming to my selection of each successive word, but I think I already perceive a general word choice "policy."

Concrete and active will always jump out at me, but you folks clearly know that.  For all of us, it will be more fun to have a word that can lead in several different directions, or could set more than one tone or mood, or can serve more than one grammatical function. The unexpected is always attractive, and I NEARLY went with Janet Wong's -suiting (hee).  And, along with meaning we're listening for sound and rhythm, so....secret it is.  Thanks, Janet Fagal!  Have you been here? (Warning: some adult content.)

I may have time to say more in the comments as we go along, but mostly I think I'll just have to choose the next word and post it.  Feel free to repost your word if it might still have a role to play, and feel free to go off and grow your own poem using any stem that strikes your fancy! 

P.S.  Yes, I switched from 30w30d to 30d30w.  It just seems better, now that I've lived with it for a while.  Also, have you noticed how either shorthand begins to look like a measurement?   I hope our collaborative poem will have both depth and width...


Thanks for joining in the wild rumpus!