Saturday, April 6, 2013

30d30w: word six


secret whistles
fiery code

Thanks for nothing, Liz! Tension and conflict have been introduced, perhaps some was a much harder choice and I wished I could choose three or four words, or even a group of words to make these lines:  "nothing sacred/defiantly I will"...can't help that syntactical chunking!

Joy wondered about the photo that's accompanying this project, and just as Mary Lee suggests in her NPM series about using others' media in our own creative work, I had planned to address that question yesterday.  I went back to Google Images, which is where I usually grab a photo to go with my posts, and I couldn't make the papier-mache-30-with-daisies come up again EXCEPT as a part of my own posts!  In other words, I can't find it at an original source.  I'll keep trying, as I'm much more aware of the need to credit and ask permission now, and I welcome any suggestions about how to do that.


  1. Super M offers "happy" to you.

  2. Thinking about sounds, so I offer

  3. This is very interesting. It's almost impossible for me to think in one word increments, I'm learning. I'm forming whole lines in my head, which isn't the way it's supposed to work. Hmm.


  4. dazzles

    I thought about materializes/appears, but a lack of dazzle seemed more something-or-other?

    This process is pretty entertaining, Heidi!

  5. I found your image, Heidi, and here's how I did it: Like you, Google searches got me nowhere. I have the Google search app on my phone, but have never tried Google Goggles, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. Basically, through Google Goggles you take a photo of something and Mr. Google searches his (Ms. Google searches HER?) visual memory of things that look like that and gives you possible links to check. Bingo! I found the page (in Italian) and followed that person's link to the image back to Flickr. Lucky you -- this picture has a Creative Commons license. All you need to do is provide attribution. You can easily do that with a caption to your picture that says something like "Flickr Creative Commons photo by..." and link back to the person's page. I always like to leave a "thanks for making this Creative Commons" note in the comments of CC photos I use from Flickr with a link back to my post and a little explanation of how I used the image. I've gotten a few of those notes on my Flickr account and it's nice to know how your images are being used!

    Here it is:

    I'm thrilled that my NPM project is raising awareness about creative commons and attribution!!

  6. I've been following every day and decided to offer a word. This is fun, Heidi!!



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