Wednesday, April 3, 2013

30d30w: the third word

birthday secret

Ooh, verbs!  I like Irene's whistles here because it makes me think airy, tuneful, cheerful thoughts, and also of  "whistling in the dark" (click link for a surprise)--just in case this birthday secret turns out to be something dark or dismaying.  I also spent time with swims, squirms and erupts--clearly favoring those /s/ sounds.  And now I think I can feel a preposition coming on...

A note to players about timing:  I'll be posting each day's new word in the morning, probably by 7 am EST,  so you can leave suggestions right up until bedtime--which for me is around 9:30 pm.  Thanks for all the yummy choices, everyone!


  1. ooh, Mary Lee! I like "whistles" too... maybe now an "its" ??
    Fun, Heidi!

  2. Well, this is developing nicely--I'll just keep my grammar trap shut from now on while y'all offer me adverbs, additional verbs and adjectives to go with my prepositions! Thanks for stopping in with suggestions...I can hardly wait for bedtime! (Which actually will be really late tonight bc I am taking my 14 yo to her first concert...on a school night!)

  3. I think it's time for a boring word to lead to more ...on.


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