Sunday, April 14, 2013

30d30w: word 14 and another bonus poem!


secret whistles,
fiery code…
happy wrapping
hides the empty

something whispers

Nice!  Both Liz and Matt suggested whispers, so both the popular vote and the demands of pattern made it easy to choose.  See how line 2 of the second stanza now matches line 1 of the first stanza?
But is it the something from the empty cage doing the whispering, or is the lead coming from somewhere else, somewhere within?

And now, our second bonus poem.  I tried a new twist on an old technique in my classroom. First we chose a letter--P for Poetry or F for Friday? F won the vote (narrowly) and thus was conceived the Mighty Minnows' F-Word Poem. Each child suggested a word beginning with f, I wrote each child's word on an index card, and one by one we made our choices and taped them on chart paper.  In the composition process it became a dramatic (and quite fanciful) story poem, and we discovered we needed some repeated and extra words for it to make any kind of syntactic sense. 

Fly, flamingo fairy!
Fan fast!
Fly four, five, five hundred feet
from the fat fire!
Fluffy-feathered flower-fish
finishes flip-flop force field.
Flamingo fairy is fine on Friday.

Not sure the "new twist" worked, exactly...However, I will say that the Minnows did a pretty great job supplying juicy, powerful and interesting words.  I think spending last week with Piggy in the Puddle helped. ; )


  1. Fabulous Fun, from your Minnows, Heidi! My word suggestion today is "nearby", or there can be an end after whispers, then "I"

  2. "Wait"

    (as in the word being whispered)

  3. Love the Mighty Minnows F poem.


  4. Oh, how I love that "flamingo fairy"!!!

    Well, heck, to go with fiery, why not



  5. Surprise!

    janet F.

    Mighty Minnows composing in the key of "f" for fun and fishes and fiery flamingoes! Love.


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