Friday, April 19, 2013

30w30d: word 19


secret whistles,
fiery code…
happy wrapping
hides the empty

something whispers…
furry coat? thumping?
sniffing whiskers?

It was very kind of Amy to supply another set of whiskers, since Daisy was too busy watching Glee to even notice how apologetic I was about not choosing her word.  But now she's got what she wanted, and I've got what I need for the middle stanza, and we can now return to our regularly scheduled poem of organic integrity and authentic surprises.  I'm not entirely sure about the question marks--there could still be punctuational movement over the bridge...

In other news, after working all week to meet poems by Langston Hughes, Lilian Moore, Arnold Adoff and Beatrice Schenk de Regniers and learn what poets do, the Mighty Minnows will compose their own poems today!  I look forward to sharing these bonus poems over the weekend.


Thanks for joining in the wild rumpus!