Tuesday, April 23, 2013

30d30w: word 23


secret whistles,
fiery code…
happy wrapping
hides the empty

something whispers…
furry coat?
thumping, sniffing?

subtle wishes,
buried hope…

Wow, hope(s) got THREE votes yesterday!  As Joy says, "It's your poem; go for it," but it's our poem too, so I bow to the majority preference, though you see I had to singularize it to align it better with "code" and "coat."  However, if I may exert (again) a little editorial influence, after all that abstractness, the next word is going to need to be a nice, muscular, active gerund.  It's time to get this creature into the birthday hands!  Only seven more words left!


Thanks for joining in the wild rumpus!