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Monday, April 8, 2013

30w30d: word eight


secret whistles,
fiery code--
nothing happy.

secret whistles,
fiery code--
happy wrapping
Well, check this out.  I feel pretty sure about choosing Margaret's excellent word, wrapping (SO many possibilities there!), but much less sure about what to do with it.  Along with your word today you can say whether you prefer v.1 or v.2.  It would seem that either way, "birthday" has become the title.  I don't think there's any going back from that...or is there???
And thanks, faithful players!  Did you notice that for the first time two of you suggested the same Word Eight, except?  Interesting, right?  Is it that you don't want nothing to be happy?  Well, life is like that sometimes.  But the wrapping can be happy, if you like v. 2!


Thanks for joining in the wild rumpus!